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Tas Ransel Backpack Racing BRIDE/TAKATA

Category : Aksesories

IDR    : Rp.325,000

Status  : On Stock


Tas Ransel Backpack Racing BRIDE/TAKATA

- Great ergonomic JDM design
- Water resistance
- Soft, comfortable and adjustable racing harness
- Ergonomic carry handle
- Massive Main Compartment
- Double size zipper on main cell
- Elasticized inner pockets to store your bottles or valuable items
- Inner laptop sleeve
- Durable and light-weighed material
- Great fixation with two fixation straps
- Ideal for biking, hiking, camping, travelling and Going to Car meets!
- Padded leather looking bottom
- JDM Stampted Zips

Bahan :

- Kain Rajut BRIDE (sperti pada jok Low Max / Cuga )
- Rubber Fabric anti air pada bagian bawah
- Bahan Dalam Polyester
- Bahan Strap - TAKATA Harness 3 Inch.
- Bahan Kain Racing Material Seat
- Ukuran : 40 x 33 x 10 ( cm )

- Warna Sling : Hijau

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